V0.20 Structure


Hi! I use Node-RED since a year and I wonder why you change the structure of the project, I mean, for example now the red.js and the librearies are located into node modules however in older versions they were in the root. I would like to know the reason of this. Just for curiosity :slight_smile:



Hi, it's all part of the roadmap to get us to version 1.0.
The specific thoughts / design note is here

but the basic thinking is that a) splitting the components apart will allow users to re-use just the components they want and b) will allow us to create cleaner documented APIs between them to help the first thought.



@jdiegosierra to expand on what Dave said, the main feature of this release was splitting the internals of the node-red npm module into multiple npm modules. This requires a change to how the code was structured in the repository.

I published a blog post on why we structured it the way we did earlier today: https://knolleary.net/2019/03/21/moving-node-red-to-a-monorepo/



Good job! Thank you guys :heart: