Version 1.1.x / 1.2.x and Express


Has anybody seen strange behaviour with Node-RED v1.1.x and 1.2.x when running embedded in an app using Express?

We have noticed that when we restart our app with a web page open that was previously browsing our app, the app does not always restart correctly. We have to close the web page and start the app with it closed before opening the web page to make it work correctly.

We do not see this behaviour with Node-RED v1.0.6 and below.



What do you mean by "does not always restart correctly"? What are the actual symptoms?

Hi Nick

That is a good question! I am currently digging to see if I can provide any more sensible detail. I seem to be getting a failed token, but I don't know if that is a token on our end or possibly the NR auth failing (we are using a custom auth module so NR users are based on our Mobius users).

I will dig a bit more and let you know, just wanted to throw this out there in case anybody else had experienced issues with Express and v1.1.x and had a simple fix.



Oh, and it doesn't happen every time, seems a bit random just to make it more fun to debug :slight_smile:

Any possible impact because of time sync issue? Authentication almost always requires all 'entities' having (very) good time synchronization, that is always the first thing I rule in or out when it comes to tokens and the like... For years of supporting Microsoft AD, this became second nature quite quickly. Nevermind how touchy Kerberos is during complex authentication.

It is not that, everything is running on the same PC

@knolleary have you introduced a /authenticated endpoint in Node-RED from 1.1.0? Our code now times out when it tries to hit our /authenticated endpoint, but works fine with NR 1.0.6

I can't think of any changes we've made that would cause that. Certainly not added any new routes to the admin api.

OK, thanks. The hunt continues :slight_smile:

Cool, at least ruled out a few things.

Still not found the cause, but I will keep digging. I have a work around for now but will report back if I find anything

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