Victron node-RED asset management

Hello, I represent a company where we have about 100+ sites with victron systems. These have the VENUS OS Large, enabling modification of hardware behaviour using node-RED flows. Each site has the same few flows, and there is unlikely to become much difference between the flows for each site in the future.

It is infeasible for us to update and maintain the flows by manually accessing the node-RED instance at each individual site. Is anyone here familiar with a system for asset management allowing simpler maintenance of several assets using node-RED?

Thank you!

Hi, i work for FlowFuse, this is exactly what our product does. Have a look and a play, especially the "devices", "device groups" "device remote editor" and "pipelines" features.


Not used those systems so this is a generic answer. I would normally look to something like Ansible if I wanted multi-device configuration on UNIX-like OS's.

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Hi, I would you combination of versioning system (git) and some kind of automation tool (e.g. suggested Ansible) to manage NodeRED instance on Cerbo devices.

Let me know if you need more details how to do it.

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