Visual ambiguity of connection points

For openness I have private messages @E1cid to explain why I flagged the post.

For the wider point, I agree we can't get it right for every user all the time, but in this instance using colour is one of a range of options, so discounting the use of colour because it isn't accessible is hardly leaving us with no other option. So there really is little to benefit in arguing it as if colour was the only option.

for openness you should post our discussion here or keep it private and not mention it.

I would like to just add that accessibility for systems is a LEGAL requirement in many countries.

Either way, accessibility is vital in our systems, there are many folk who already struggle with visual systems and it is our moral responsibility to support them as well as legal.

Of course, it just makes good common sense to be inclusive anyway and I applaud Node-RED's attempts to be so.

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I presume this is an attempt at humour ? But from your following posts it might be seen as trying to bully me due to some perceived trait. Not sure any more.

As it happens I'm the least OCD person around here as anyone who has seen my office/desk will attest. It is easy enough to turn off snap to grid so wires no longer align exactly and this ambiguity is greatly reduced.

which way did you take it?

as I said - not sure any more.

for clarity it was an attempt at humour

Thank you for the clarification.
I'm going to close this topic now - as i think it has run it's course