Visual ambiguity of connection points

When pasting a node and then dragging it over a connecting line that line becomes dashed to indicate that the node will be "interconnected" to that line.

But sometimes I seem to move the mouse in an awkward way so that the node does not get connected.

The problem is that the node sits there and looks like it was perfectly connected. It is not possible to see that the node is not connected and that the connecting line just passes under the node.

Example how it looks like it was "interconnected".


But it's not...


Mabe we can find a way to make the fact that the line just passes under visually apparent?

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I've run into the same issue. Now I make sure the dashed line shows up and move the node to make sure it is connected.

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Caught me out for an hour last week - was using my own extended status node and couldn't work out why it wasn't working

Really annoyed with myself when I found I hadn't dropped it in correctly! :frowning:

The only solution that jumps out at me is to make the wires always be on top but that could muck up aesthetics of a lot of peoples' flows

Discussed a few times - most recently as part of the whole vertical flow view discussion.

In the vertical flow branch I have also added an option for arrow heads that helps make it clear what is connected: Vertical flow view

Still need to find the time and energy to resolve the other usability issues with including options for vertical flows.

May pull the arrow-head option out separately as there's nothing specific to vertical flows for it.


Yes, I sometimes rely on the wires being underneath. For example when adding a debug node along side a node with no output I often put the debug after the node so it looks like the data is passing through.

Would it be possible to offset the node connection dots and not centre them, then the line would not line up. I.e in dot towards top, out dot towards bottom.

at the risk of triggering OCD madness ? no !

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so we pander to your OCD LOL

or change the dot colour when connected.

Ah... i see. The "arrow option" looks interesting.

I was thinking about having two visual states of the connection points: connected and unconnected. It could be as simple as an "empty" circle for unconnected points?


It could be more prominent somehow... but just for the idea.

I think it's basically an important thing to see the state of a connection point. After all this is visual programming... :slight_smile:

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yeah... just what i thought too...

But i want dots of many colours as i now know it will send @dceejay crazy.

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While we are talking connections, why can you not connect nodes backward?

These are all well discussed points - so before we have to repeat the discussions, please have a look at what has been discussed previously.

  1. can't use color by itself to indicate state as it is not accessible (color-blindness etc)
  2. can't offset the port because, by definition, the wires have to join them so any offset to the ports will apply just the same to the wires and you haven't solved the problem of the overlap

Not sure what you mean here. Messages flow from left to right - you can't reverse the flow. When wiring up your flow, you can create a wire by dragging from either input or output. But the 'direction' of the wire is still the same.

1 So lets all poke are eyes out. If you are colour blind you will work things out as you do with all aspects of colour blind life. Colour is used to indicate a error in node i.e. blue or red or green and i have seen yellow to.

2 Yes you have because the line cannot be straight through both ports

As to my question, i can connect from out dot to in dot in one direction, but if i wanted to make the same connection from in to out it will not allow it.

That isn't the kind of inclusive design we try to follow. The status indicators on nodes are accompanied with text to give context - the colour isn't the only way the status is communicated.

Using arrow heads is the way we've decided to address this issue. Please read the previous thread for the discussion.

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As i said if you want us all to be inclusive lets poke our eyes out, can not be more inclusive. Or we can usec ommon sense and realise some time the universe servered you lemons and you need to just suck on them.

edit: By my words above i am not saying we should not try to be inclusive, But sometimes its not reasonable to be inclusive.

How inclusicve is it to flag/censor an opinion?

And what about the colour indicator on the select connection does that have text to?