Want to control Deltaco Smart plug SH-P01 in Node-Red

I am very new to this whole home management thing.
Found cheap TCIP connectors, Deltaco Smart plug SH-P01. Works fine in Google Home.
It would have been fun to be able to further control these from a common point, Node-Red. It is possible?

Have a search to see if you can re-flash them with Tasmota or EspEasy then you could control them with MQTT.


Thanks but these are really compact and closed. I have read about re-flash them but in this case it seems too much work. I have nice experience with ESP8266 arduino and the same compnents, mqtt who I like but that needs more work wish my plan was to minimize :slight_smile:
I think I have to make a template for the arduino solution.
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Ola A.

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