Watson Text-to-Speech Service going to Inactive state

I have Lite plan.
I am using Watson Text-to-speech service in a Node-Red Dashboard application flow. If the service is not used even for a short time (say 30 minutes) it goes to inactive state. Then the Node-Red app fails. I have to recreate new Text-to-Speech service instance from catalog etc. every time the service goes to Inactive state so that service can be used by the Node-Red app.

Can someone help with answers to:

  1. How to reactivate the service which went into Inactive state ?
  2. How to prevent it going to Inactive state in the first place?

I am hitting this issue as well. Can someone please provide guidance on how to solve this issue?


I upgraded my IBM cloud plan yesterday from Lite to Pay-as-you-go. I was hoping that, with the upgrade, the above problem will disappear from today. No luck; same issue. Regrettably, I had to create the service from scratch again and again.

I contacted IBM Cloud Support to address this issue. They said that I have reached my monthly limit for number of characters for this service. I upgraded this service to a standard plan (can be done by clicking on Text-To-Speech service and Plan) and it became active.


Thanks. Yes, that is what I did today. I will wait till morning to see that the service is still in the active state.

Please just be aware that once you upgrade from the Lite account, you no longer get the free memory allocation for your application and you will start incurring a charge.

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