Web-App Site-Control

A tailor made Home Automation & Information System with a WebUI for use with smartphones.

To create a Home Automation & Information System, running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, accessible via a browser-based application (WebUI) for use mainly (but not only) with smartphones.


  • Easy-to-use User Interface (WebUI, in German) accessible from any device capable running a browser - smartphones [target device], tablets, PC, SBC, TV.
  • WebUI with Tabs & Groups organised by function Heating ("Heizung"), Lights ("Lampen"), Climate ("Klima"), Switches ("Schalter"), Information ("Info").
  • Devices integrated like Thermostats (Homematic IP), Philips Hue Lights, Outdoor Weather sensors (RFXCOM), Energy consumption (Meters), Switches (Homematic IP) etc.


  • built with Node-RED + additional nodes.
  • additional nodes are used to communicate with external devices or create the WebUI (Dashboard).
  • modular approach, split into functions, represented in the WebUI several Tabs with Groups - each having its own flow.
  • MQTT interface to control or use the data by other systems, i.e. the WASC-BOX (a custom LEGO® creation displaying WASC data and control functions).
  • created for private use only . To adapt for own purposes, it will need a deep dive into the various flows.
  • meant as an experiment & trigger for ideas or suggestion building a Home Automation & Information System.
  • being developed further [more functions] - working title WASC .
  • running smooth since Q4'2019.

More information (including the flows) here.

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