Well, that odd npm issue is back!

Did you also remove any config nodes?

Ok, this was actually funny when I figured it out, why it went south. To be clear this is something I cause, not a bug or something odd about NR. The only thing that is at all suspect if how the issue is reported. The log states that there is a failure to read the configuration of the said dashboard node, or nodes with said dashboard, and the visual result is you get an empty dashboard of course.

This is not a case where something is lost, I just clear the slate, so to speak, to start at a known point. There are other ways to recovery, resolve this or similar, but why repair when you can cleanly replace, is the mind set.

But, here is the kicker, I had disabled elements of the dashboard UI. I thought I had only disabled some flows, but when I traced my steps, looking through the incremental saves, I had disabled parts of the UI, no just UI objects, buttons and tables, etc. But tabs/groups. This apparently was sufficient brake the dashboard? Or disabled it to the point it could not load correctly?

If disabling stuff causes the sort of errors you are reporting then I would say that is a bug. Can you trim the failing flow file down to a point where it could be posted here?

Yeah let me try... it was a monster flow file.

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