What’s the function of `@node-red/registry`?

When I read this doc node-red API.mdI have several questions:

common utilities for the Node-RED runtime and editor moduleswhether editor modules means @node-red/editor-client and @node-red/editor-api ? whether Node-RED editor = @node-red/editor-client + @node-red/editor-api?

  1. what’s the function of @node-red/registry ?

the default set of core nodes. This module only contains the Node-RED nodes - it does not expose any APIs.why there says it does not expose any APIs.?


Node-RED consists of 6 node modules under the @node-red scope, which are pulled together
by the top-level node-red module. The typical scenario is where you are embedding Node-RED into your
own application, in which case you would use the node-red module rather than any of the
internal modules directly.

let RED = require("node-red");

That module is responsible for loading the Node-RED nodes into the runtime.

The @node-red/nodes module contains the core nodes for the palette. Unlike other npm modules it cannot be loaded using require('@node-red/nodes') as it does not export anything that way.

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