Whatsapp node is disconnected

hi i was using wattsapp node in node red and was working fine but suddenly it is not sending message and showing time out wit wattsapp node,

this happened when i try to install pallate of allenbradely string node but that pallete wan not installed and gave error in installing how can i solve this i want wattsapp connecting
wattsapp massage error in node red

From your screenshot, it looks like a network issue, so it could be anything related to that.

Things I'd check on the machine running Node-RED:

  • check the internet connection
  • try to ping the IP
  • local firewall rules
  • restart Node-RED (some custom nodes don't recover properly from network failures)

If it's a corporate environment, there are probably more (non-local) measures in place, like you're behind some sort of proxy or firewall. If so, I'd talk to the admin if he changed anything. (from experience, he will probably deny that :sweat_smile:)

It only blocked my number and a one more number which was already configured but i checke with new number and it is sending massage to the new number, why my number is blocked, is there any time after that it will automatically unblock or after some time all wattsapp number will be blocked by callmebot

All these nodes are using a shared number, and probably you reached some limit the app has.
Try using this one instead:

If you don't get over 100 msg/hour, you wont have a problem. :slight_smile:

Happy new year.

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