When you do update or install via npm, does everything reload from scratch?

I did an npm install, then edited the html, fixed a typo, etc., then renamed the node names... not the registered type references, and did another npm install. This should have reloaded everything right? Stopped and started NR. But to my surprise, when I checked the palette, this is what I see...
What the heck? The old names and the new names are both shown? Should I have done an explicit uninstall via npm?

When you say you changed the node names what exactly do you mean by that?
When you say you did another npm install, again do you mean you literally ran npm install with no parameters?

Yeah, right after I posted the question, I realized what I had done... I was trying to make the 'name' of the nodes pretty, add a space to be more readable. But I did the changes incompletely, and bingo, got the duplicate node names that appeared in the UI, i.e. the palette view.

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