Even if the node is already downloaded, it will not be displayed in the palette

A long time ago, when I uninstalled a certain node, I directly deleted the node's folder.
I then re-downloaded it, but it doesn't show up in the palette. The log says the download was successful.
When I check the re-downloaded node in Palette Management, it is displayed as an invalid node. It cannot be enabled or disabled. Is the file structure messed up? All other nodes can be used normally. There is no change even after restarting. If anyone has had the same experience, please share your wisdom.

Hi @Node7189

its very likely something has been messed up.
deleting the nodes folder is not recommended (usually) - removing via the Palette should be the way.

try this to repair it.

using a terminal, cd into your .node-red folder and issue an uninstall

cd ~/.node-red
npm uninstall node-red-contrib-<****> --save

Where <****> is the node you manually deleted

then restart Node RED, then attempt top reinstall via Palette

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