Where is undeployed state held?

i just learned the hard way that the undeployed state of the ui is not stored on the server (as undeployed pending changes, of course) and that the whole IDE relies alone on browsers dom/memory untill you finally hit "deploy".

is that so?

i ve been working for hours on a subflow and did not deploy anything in order not to break the currently running application until my browser crashed (due to any potential not node-red related reason). when i had restored the previous browser session of course the node-red IDE was restarting on its restored tab and all the undeployed work was wiped.

i was googling a lot on similar problems but nothing brought me to the exact fact that it is so simple as that: whatever pending changes you have not yet deployed just exist in the browser you are looking at and with it they will be gone like any unposted form on any website.

can anyone confirm this fact?

i assume there is no way it can be found in some browser storage?

i know now there is an alert if you leave the browser page including a hint, but browser crashing unfortunately is not subject to nice warning dialogs :frowning:


Would be better to first make a duplicate that you can alter without affecting the running flow.

I doubt it.

Deploy often :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:
i just needed to know for sure =)

Yes, this is the same as many desktop apps, you need to save things often as Steve say's.

Having said that, it wouldn't be impossible to get un-deployed changes temporarily stored in browser storage. Though there are some limits around such storage. Might create an interesting conversation if you were to propose a feature request :slight_smile:

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