Why Node-Red is great

Simple answer IOT. I am new to a lot of this techno-stuff but I can see the benefits. Most people just buy a device, read the instructions (probably connect to something on their IPhone) and hopefully it works.
But some of us want a bit more. I do! So I am learning about stuff (IOT). I am on a journey to eventually have an automated home system. I understand there are a heap of things to learn and do, and for the most part I em enjoying that.

That is my aim! However, apart from the ‘how do do stuff’ there are some very interesting side issues that I find interesting. I dont have the answers but I think it is worthwhile discussing?

The vast majority of components that we use is Chinese. I was going to use a number XX% but I didnt. So we are way past ‘Chinese crap’ doesnt work. Because everything that we use electronically is. A few issues I have is that local distributors sell these imports at hugely inflated prices and provide little to no after service.

Just to open a discussion?

I read about the Freetronics v Jaycar problem?

My intention with this topic was to have a non-technical look, instead just to have a discussion about the overview of what we have got and maybe where we would like to go.

I love Node-Red. Yep I do and I can see what it may be able to do for me. I am new to its use so am no where near to give a review. However, it will improve as will my understanding of it.

So as a very new user of NR I make the following comments;-
This is the type of GUI that I want to use to ‘talk to’ ESP8266 type chips.
I am using a Window 10 system (at the moment i’m Using Window11)
I have got WLS2 and have Ubuntu dual boot. I have a number of computers and I invariably try different O/S’s. I went thru a number of setups to get my security cameras working-I spent a lot of time- eventually settling on BlueIris.
I have HomeAssistant installed but got the idea that what I wanted was what Node-Red offered.

I am a hobbyist and love the possibilities that the ESP8266 gives me. I am also aware that business uses the ESP for everything. And whilst its price is really only cents we are charged a fortune. I am sure that I will not change that- but it is satisfying to at least understand what is being sold to us-and its not that complicated.


Not really sure what you are getting to here?

"They" absolutely do not. In fact, I think most industrial use is not ESP based - but I may be wrong, I'm not an industrial IoT expert. There is a LOT of other specialist hardware targeted at industrial use and the lowest unit cost is rarely a good or sensible industrial business case.

Not sure who is charging you this "fortune"? I can pick up ESP devices for a few dollars and that includes marketing, warehousing, procurement and sales, finance, shipping across the globe to my door, returns, ...

What more do you expect?

If you have a magic formula for doing all of that cheaper, I predict you will soon be very rich indeed.

Compare the ESP to units developed in the West, e.g. from Adafruit. Probably at least 3-5 times the cost. Though likely to come with much better software and hardware support than the cheap Chinese units (not a racist comment, merely an observation). But not much else in the way of benefits.

But as I say, if I were fitting out an industrial IoT, I wouldn't be looking for the very cheapest solution but rather one that had the support infrastructure, solid supply chain, certification, service level agreements, etc. I'd expect to pay more for that than buying direct from Banggood or AliExpress which is the Amazon style equivalent of going to the amazing electronics markets in China itself. That's because the value proposition is totally different.


Node red IS great. I am am tech interested programming skills minimalist who has managed to automate my home using Raspberry Pi’s and ESP 8266’s. I bought a 16 inch touch screen monitor from Kogan, and my set up looks killer on the wall.

There are some seriously useful dudes to keep an eye on here, but I am a bit of a fan boy for hotnipi. Guy has made some good nodes, and I used one of his css set ups, and really happy with the appearance of my dashboard.

Hotnipi, is only one though, and there are tons of other guys here who have helped me on my way, though they will not necessarily realise it, as I learnt early that the search bar is my friend.

So I live and wait to see what comes up next, because I’m sure it will be good.



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