Will moving to another LAN corrupt nodes?

I have a raspberry PI 3b+ with the latest Buster image and nodered 0.26 on it.
I've installed at my place (lan 192.168.0/24) and setup a flow using node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged and KNX

everything went well.
So I disconnected it and moved to another place and another LAN (192.168.1/24)
After boot the node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged were shown as unknown and became unusable
same for dashboard (got several syntax error)...
I think it could be the SD Card, so I bring it back to my home, power it up.... and everything was running back correctly!

Is there a sort of "security" that prevent moving the installation between LANs?
is the by default missing configuration for credentialSecret invoved in this?

thanks a lot

It isn't becoming unstable and it isn't to do with the card.

It is because you have changed IP address networks. Does the homekit node have an IP address in the settings?

Is the flow there at all ? or just missing those nodes ? The first I could just about understand - the second I can't explain. What are the Dashboard syntax errors ? Which version of Dashboard are you using ?

thanks for your reply!
yes, the PI changes it IP, but the homekit node became "unknown" in the flow, but it appears in the availble palette
From the Palette manager remove give "remove failed" error, doing it from console (SSH) gives error accessing the node folder (even with sudo command)
dashboard is v2.14

my understanding is that somehow node encrypt by default using few parameters: hostname (I already discovered that changing the hostname will make flows unavailable) and I suppose address layer!

I've tried to setup the credentialSecret option in settings.json... change the IP (setting to static as checked with a laptop configured in the same network and looks like it's ok
but before moving back to the end user environment I would try to understand if someone had the same issue before.

Have you checked the startup log for any error messages? Particularly relating to the homekit node?

I' moved back to my place and redeploy all flows, so I cannot see old log :frowning:

I think to be there next week, will check and get back to you.
thank you.