Windows node-red settings

Hi, i am trying to put security to the node-red that I have created on windows.
For that I need to write this command as it says in the cmd when I start node red=
So I write nano \Users\Jokin.node-red\settings.js for that and it doens´t allow do you know which command do I need to write in the CMD before "\Users\Jokin.node-red\settings.js" ?

Have you tried "notepad"?

Also, I wouldn't rely on Windows correctly parsing the path "\Users\Jokin.node-red\settings.js", you may want to consider writing that one as something along the lines of "C:\Users\Jokin\.node-red\settings.js"

Also, I'd use \\ or / instead of \

A backslash is used to generate escape characters eg \n == new line.

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In CMD you can write backslashes without problems (in fact, it's likely not to parse the alternatives you suggested), but Unix-like paths starting only with "/" (or even "\") are probably not going to be resolved correctly

forward slashes are indeed be correctly interpreted even in cmd.exe, certainly in PowerShell.

You can use a leading \ in a Windows path, it will use the current working drive.

NANO is a Linux tool. While Notepad (except for the very latest versions) doesn't like UNIX-like line endings so you sometimes end up with a file that appears to only have a single line. I strongly recommend installing a proper editor. Nodepad++ is a long-term favorite that starts up quickly but is very powerful.

Obviously, a proper code editing environment is also very useful, if you use VSCode from Microsoft (free), you will have a very powerful JavaScript/Node.js based editing environment. If you do install VScode, you should be able to do code file/name.js or whatever from the command prompt.