Worldmap loads colour map before greyscale

In my Worldmap instance, I've got "OpenStreetMap Greyscale" and "ESRI Dark Grey" in the map list, and the first of these is my base map.

I don't know if it's a quirk of Leaflet or something to do with Worldmap itself, but I've noticed that when it loads map tiles, it always seems to load OpenStreetMap ones (NB: that's "OpenStreetMap", NOT "OpenStreetMap Greyscale") first and then the "OpenStreetMap Greyscale" ones over the top of them, even though "OpenStreetMap" isn't even selected in my map list. It's quite distracting, especially over a slower connection when zooming or scrolling.

Anybody have any idea why it's doing this, please?

I'm not really sure - but it may be because the greyscale is actually just a filter applied to the colour one - ie it processes each tile to turn it back into greyscale - so on slower devices it has to load the tile first then process it, and this is visible. (I'm not 100% sure but ...)

Thanks @dceejay, I think you might be right, looking at the network activity. I'm not seeing any greyscale images loading at all, although rather bizarrely it does (on a different map that has both colour and greyscale enabled) reload some colour tiles when changing from colour map to greyscale map! It's a shame it doesn't convert them to greyscale and then display them, but at least it's minimising the time taken to display the tile this way.

it saves having two sets of tiles... and in theory can be applied to any WMS map source.

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