Write present Value via node-bacnet-contrib-extended 0.2.0 or node-red-contrib-bacnet

Dear Community,
I am currently testing the following BACnet plugins:
node-bacnet-contrib-extended 0.2.0
The test with node-red-contrib-bacnet went very well, but when writing the present value I reached the limit that I always have to specify a fixed value for the present value. Unfortunately, I don't know whether it is possible to pass a variable via msg.value using an inject node. Has anyone here been able to gather experience?
The test with node-bacnet-contrib-extended 0.2.0 was also very promising. The BACnet parameter to be written must be parameterized in a function.
The "write-property" command is also sent to the BACnet controller, but unfortunately the necessary "priority array" is not included in the command set.
Has anyone had any experience with this?
Many thanks for any feedback.

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