Xiaomi gateway and node red

I read this tutorial https://notenoughtech.com/home-automation/nodered-home-automation/xiaomi-gateway-in-nodered/ and try to connect to xiaomi gateway
I have ip, key, port etc, but I can't connect

So you’ve managed to install the node it recommends?

If so and it doesn’t connect what error does it give you?

What version of node-red?
What version of nodejs?

Where try you to connect?

I had to modify the settings of the xiaomi gateway by connecting it to a terminal in order to be able to access it. You might want to make sure yours is accessible in the first place.

Node-RED v0.20.6
Node.js v10.16.0
system: windows 7
I have errror "path" is not defined: try to reuse 9898

Can you take a screenshot of the nodes config settings?

I have install node red on rpi, and the same problem


Try removing the ip address and the port number (leave them both blank) from the configuration and trying again.

The same problem

'USP socket is already used, try to reuse 9898' is normal information?
Maybe port 9898 is used by another program or firewall blocked?

Then I suggest you open an issue on the nodes GitHub page to talk directly to the author

I have even problem with multicast and PC, I have the same problem (Virtual machine with linux idem), I have Resolved with a raspberry.

I did not understand if it is an operating system or network card problem.

For verify the communication with xiaomi gateway (for android)

This problem is with firmware xiaomi gateway and closed ports.

So it would be useful if the author updated the ReadMe of the node to include the information you have found. The way to contact the author is to open an issue on the nodes github page (follow a link from the nodes page on flows.nodered.org)

That method works OK.

See also the parameters for the serial port in the same topic.

Also, I recommend the method without connection to 220VAC (use only upper PCB, and caution with USB / Serial adapter, use only 3.3V! )

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That's what I said. It is not impossible to fix but it requires opening up the gateway and a bit of soldering.

Yes you said, but without information how to do it :wink:
I read that not all the version can be modified. Do you know more about it?

Google is your friend :blush: (but answering this post on my mobile phone is really nit my friend) and you have found the solution. Follow the link to thatt post 114 they mentions as being the answer.

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