Z-wave - Multisensor - Nodered

I need some help.
I have my usb key Z-wave installed on my raspberry pi 3 and I can comunicate with it on the node-red plateforme. (I can see my too modules zwave-in and zwave-out in my dashboard).
I try to connect a Z-wave Aeotec Multisensor 6 on my Z-wave-key to see it with Node-red but I don,t know how can I do.

I saw informations about that and search mostly, I tried to copy a Z-wave Multisensor 6 flow but the result was a big crash with Node-red.

How can i do if i want to be sure that my Z-wave Multisensor 6 is really detected on my Z-wave network ?

And how I have t do to configure the Z-Wave multisensor 6 on Node-Red ?

In advance, thanks for your help

I have the same problem,did you found a solution?