Zerotier as a node for monitoring

I've done a search but can only find network related Zerotier topics for access.
I've got a ZT network of about 15 network node and I'm looking for a NodeRed node that can help me monitor those ZT nodes. Metrics such as online status, last seen etc..
There is an API for Zerotier, but no existing NR node that can use it to gain system information.
Does anyone know how, or have done this before?

Dissecting the ZT api and creating a NR node is beyond my capabilities unfortunately.

If you are running node-red 1.3.x and have enabled functionExternalModules in settings.js, you could add a reference to zerotier-service npm package.

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I don't understand much of that, but i'll give it a look and see if I can work it out. Thanks

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