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I'd like to do a "hard" reboot of my router, meaning I'd like to switch off the router's power supply for ~ 10 seconds. The router is connected to the wall socket via a Zigbee Plug.

The Zigbee Plug can be controlled via my Raspberry Pi. I can switch on / off the Zigbee Plug by means of node red / mqtt. However, I just realized I always need internet to send the on command. The latter is quite unfortunate in this case, since I wanted to send an "off" message and 10 seconds later an "on" message to restart the router. Is there any way to send messages without being connected to the internet?

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If you have a local mqtt server you should not need internet.

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Does your zigbee plug have maybe an internal timer you can set?

When the router is off, there is no WiFi network to provide MQTT access.

[edit] my mistake, you said "local" MQTT server.

I don't know, I am using this one here https://www.amazon.de/CC2652P-CP2102N-USB-Stick-Assistant-Zigbee2MQTT/dp/B09KXTCMSC

Is there any way to check if there is an internal timer?

My Zigbee knowledge is pretty sparse, there are a lot of forum members with lot's of experience.

But if your MQTT broker is on the same machine as your Zigbee dongle, I think it doesn't matter that the router is down???
See @E1cid's comment above!

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@nodernei Ah, may be you should run a separate Wifi access point or run some ethernet cables. Or does your router have the ability to be rebooted by a api?
[edit] @ghayne sorry replied to wrong post.

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I think you might be right though! :slight_smile:

For Zigbee plug I don't know if it's possible what you want to do.
Wifi plug's running on Tasmota are capable to do this. In Tasmota you can make rule that enable's that output again x time after it's disabled. All functions of the plug can off course be controlled over mqtt.
With this you are always sure that the switch will be back online without the need for sending an On command.
Preprogrammed Tasmota plugs can be found on ali.

Internet is not necessary to communicate between your zigbee device and node red as long all components are local.

You have a zigbee coordinator stick. You will need some zigbee hub - zigbee2mqtt? If so a mqtt broker (best choice mosquito)

If any part is outside you should consider to install it locally

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