Zigbee shield on RPI

I like to control some zigbe units. And for this I have this Shield ZB-Shield - popp.eu
But every tutorials I found is burning an image on SD card. But I already ave a lot on the SD card i need. So cant I just install it from the desktop and get in contol with the zigbee units????
I really hope someone likes to help me out.
This is the Zigbee dimmer i like to control

The Home Assistant tutorial for using the shield seems to have most of the information that you would need to get it going with node-red, so I would suggest starting with that.

However, what advantage do you see using the shield rather than something like the Sonoff zigbee coordinator? That device is very simple to use with a Pi. Don't go for the earlier versions of the device, which uses a different chipset which was not nearly as good.

I am using Zigbee2MQTT together with one of the supported and also suggested adapters:

This USB stick works very good with 34 devices throughout the house.

The CC2652 chipset with the external aerial is also the one used in the link I posted. Some earlier devices used the CC2531 which was cheaper, but did not work as well.

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