[A bit Off Topic] Grafana 6.1.0 on mobile device

Does anyone use Grafana on a mobile device? If so are you planning to upgrade to v6.1.0 which has just been released? I have done that and have the problem that in order to hide the side menu one now has to use the TV icon in the top bar, and this does not appear when I view it on my phone. I would be interested in knowing whether I am the only one with the problem.
The grafana community seems rather un-responsive, particularly compared with this one.

Well yes, but only in landscape.

Agree that the forum is poor, but they do respond to git issues.

Are you able to hide the left side menu?

No, tried all options but it's still there!

Yes, that is what I found. It is because the TV icon disappears if the window is small.

I can't use the kiosk modes unfortunately, because sadly they hide the dashboard links, and therefore I wouldn't be able to navigate different dashboards...
But no, the TV icon isn't there anyway.

See also

Just a thought, can you swipe the menu away? This is possible on Chronograf on my phone. BTW, Chronograph is, I find, almost as good a Grafana. It's also extremely easy to interface with InfuxDB.

No, unfortunately not.
The latest info is that with a large window the TV icon in the top is visible and the side menu can be hidden, with a very small window the display changes to provide a hamburger menu instead of the side menu, but in between there is a range where there is no TV icon, but the hamburger menu is not provided.

Ah, progress I think. It has been accepted as an issue now in the issue I linked to (Unable to hide side menu).

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v6.1.1 has just been released with some fixes for the kiosk function, I don't know if the fix is included or not, but I'll take a look this evening.

EDIT - nope, not fixed in v6.1.1

I have gone back to 6.0.2 in the meantime, that restores the ability to hide the side menu by clicking the Grafana icon. Or at least I am in the process of doing that. I have made some experimental extensions to the graph panel so I have to build it myself, which takes about 2 hours on a Pi 3.

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You can add links to your dashboard, not just charts. Would that get round your issue?

I've added links to my dashboards, and that's the problem.
When you activate Kiosk Mode, the 'links' are hidden - see git issue link in post #6 above.
The Grafana team thinks that this behaviour is preferable :grimacing:

Oh poo! That's not good!

Such hiding should be optional.