Access Node Red dashboard through carrier grade nat


I know this is not specific to Dashboard but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
In my current setup I have a fixed line (copper wire) broadband connection. I can forward ports through this easily. I have a Raspberry Pi running Wireguard inside my network so I connect to this when I need to access Node Red Dashboard. Dashboard controls my lights, water heat, central heating and some alarms so it's very useful to access it remotely.

I want to switch to a 5g internet service because my fixed line is only 10Mb. The problem is that the 5g router works on carrier grade nat so (if I'm correct) the public IP is shared with many people. This means I cannot port forward.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I could remotely access dashboard?

Many thanks

See this FAQ post for advice on how to safely access node-red over the internet.

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Thanks Colin. There is a lot of great info in there.
I think Clouldflare might be worth looking into.

Thanks agian.

Try out the free tier of Cloudflare Zero Trust. This gives you a relatively simple proxy that includes up to 50 user accounts and will connect via a small service running inside your network - the Pi will be fine. You can proxy any service including web services but also SSH - giving a web-based or direct connect terminal if you so wish. It is secure and performs well. A little trickier to set up initially than some of the other services but it is enterprise-grade with great security.

When I switched from ADSL to mobile broadband I had to abandon wireguard. Instead I use Zerotier.

You create a virtual network on their website, install zerotier-one on the pi and any devices you want to connect from.

They reach out to zerotier so no port forwarding or ddns necessary.

You have to permit each device (once) on the web site, then they get a virtual IP.
So my node-red pi is but I can access it securely from the coffee shop at

Zerotier is similar to Clouldflare Zero Trust at least in terms of what is being looked for here. However, Zero Trust can provide things like a web-based remote console. Not sure if Zerotier can do that.

Either should be fine.

Brilliant, thank you all for the advice, this is exactly what I was looking for.

@TotallyInformation Thank you for taking the time to do the write up on the various connection options. Very helpful info.

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