Accessing Node-RED Remotely via ZeroTier

I'm trying to access Node-RED via ZeroTier
I created a network on ZeroTier and added two members my laptop and my phone
Node-red is on my Laptop , when I'm using new IP from Managed IPs on phone it works only when I'm using same wifi , but doesn't work with data

Check your firewall settings and open port 1880

For a quick check, disable windows firewall and see if it starts working. If yes.. it is a windows firewall issue.

Are you using the right IP? If you use cmd>ipconfig you can check the zerotier IP settings

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Thx for your response
i disabled my firewall , and checked the ip
there's no change , if there's a problem with those i think the dashboard won't work when i'm on wifi
the problem is it works when mobile on wifi-which means that IP is correct and it can make the conncetion - but doesn't on data

you have to make sure you are using your Zerotier IP in both cases.

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I don't know what happened but it just work
Thank You :heart:

thx for your attention
it worked

The worst of all solutions is when we don't understand how we fixed them. It is a short joy, and then the frustration starts. :rofl:

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