Add delay in menus / submenus


I'm using menus frequently but I struggle choosing the right option from the first time, because submenus hide immediately after the mouse leaves the row with menu title. Then I need to concentrate and move the mouse to the left following almost straight line to keep the submenu on.

The green line shows the mouse path that keeps submenu opened. The yellow line shows natural mouse movement. When it crosses Export's rectangle the submenu disappears immediately and you have to repeat the steps again and again and again:

I think it will improve user experience a lot.



A complete redesign of the Library experience is in the roadmap for 1.0. That will get rid of some of these menus that can be hard to navigate just as you describe. But I agree that some tweaks could be made to improve the handling here.

If anyone wanted to propose a PR we can take a look.

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I've also wished for that feature -- along with the ability to "click" each menu item to open the next level... leaving it open until clicking again (or hitting escape -- if that's some fairly common menu behavior).