Adding a Flow to this website

Not been member long but I added a Project flow to the Flows part of this website a week ago no problem. I can also see it on my Github account.

Now I've come to add another and it's just not working! All 4 boxes have something in, pressing the Create Flow button, I get the spinning timer for a few seconds and then nothing. The new flow is not added. No error messages or anything.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you get an error in your browser console?

Never been in Browser Console before so not sure what I am looking at! This appears to be showing something is wrong...

Does it help?

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 413 ()
flow:286 ERROR Object
POST 413
send @ jquery-1.9.1.js:8526
ajax @ jquery-1.9.1.js:7978
jQuery.<computed> @ jquery-1.9.1.js:7614
(anonymous) @ flow:279
dispatch @ jquery-1.9.1.js:3074
elemData.handle @ jquery-1.9.1.js:2750
ERROR {readyState: 4, getResponseHeader: ƒ, getAllResponseHeaders: ƒ, setRequestHeader: ƒ, overrideMimeType: ƒ, …}

The HTTP 413 Payload Too Large response status code indicates that the request entity is larger than limits defined by server

do you have access to the server? I get same error in nginx if i dont set client_max_body_size to the payload im sendings size or greater.

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The Flow has got ~240 nodes in it and the narrative is quite long. I'll try leaving the narrative out and then editing the post.
I don't have access to the server - what, like doing an FTP instead?

Edit. No that didn't work!

Could I split the flow into 2 and get anyone downloading them to merge them back together?

@Wingnut. I have a testing virtual server that is paid out till 04/02/2021
1GB Ram 30GB SSD 1CPU Core
Want me to set that up for you with node-red for testing? you can have it till it shuts down?
might not be powerful enough for your needs but its just sitting there doing nothing.

Well I got bored. check your messages for url / account / password details.

I set client_max_body_size 128M; that's 128MB if you still get 413 error increase it.

sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

you have full root and a user account with sudo rights
Change all the passwords if you like. I don't need access.
you can disable root login via ssh by opening the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

uncoment and edit Password Authentication to no

PasswordAuthentication no

Do what every you like on it ... server is $2.99 USD a month for this little guy if you want to pay and spinning up your own. <----not paid or receive any compensation. I just like using them.

@meeki007 I'm not clear why you are offering up a server here. The question is about adding a flow to - and the flow/description from @Wingnut is too big for the site.

I'll take a look at improving the error reporting and whether these limits can be raised at all.

meeki007 - that sounds very generous but I have no idea what I would be doing. I only stumbled on Home Assistant and Node-Red a couple of months ago, and i'm only vaguely familiar with unix.


Well that ....*meeki takes swigg from 3rd Sat beer" clears it up.
I thought he was trying to import a Project to his node-red server.

back to enjoying beer and answering questions incorrectly on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


well the server is setup and I bought it for 3 months and I never use it.
Play with it......break it.......expand your mind

If it helps, the Flow has 93,393 characters in it (according to Windows Notepad).

If Nick can't change the limits on the flow site, I recommend putting the whole thing into a GitHub repository instead and then simply write the intro in the flow along with the link to the actual file in GitHub and leave out the flow itself. I think I had to do that once.

OK, I'll try that but having looked, I need some advice.

The Flow that I uploaded a week ago through Node-Red is in an area called a gist and is 'Secret'. I can see there are other areas to upload to called Repositories and Projects with 'Public' or 'Private' visibility.

Which area should I use and should it be 'Public' (I'm guessing yes to the second question).

The flows site is quite clever. It uses GitHub gists as the source for the flow using a specific layout.

You can make the gist public if you like, but probably best to move things into a full GitHub repository then you can empty the flow file in the gist ( I think you need to leave it in place, just empty). You can put the commentary into a file in the repo and then leave whatever commentary you want to see in the flow in the gist. That should hopefully let the flow site catch up. If not, then delete the gist and start a new flow entry with just some commentary and a link to the repo.

Well, I tried the gists approach first and it seems to have gone in with no problems. I made it public too. Here's the link...

Is that sufficient? Nothing has popped up on my Node-Red flows web page!

You need to ask it to refresh: