Alexa home skills not working from Alexa app on Win10 PC

Don't think direct Node-RED issue but just checking if anyone else has seen this behaviour

I've got a Node-RED flow that uses the @hardillb alexa-home node and I use the Alexa app on my PC in computer room instead of a dot to issue commands to it

But last night, it's strated giving me this response
" I didn't find any smart home enabled devices under Simon's account"

to a cheerlights request (or any request) but same requests works fine on my dots

I'm using that node Simon, but directly from an Echo Dot, no problems here!

Its fine from my dots and my 'droid phone alexa app - just not the Win10 PC one

Have you changed any firewall settings? Port blocked? The only Windows here are made of glass :slight_smile:

The request is making it out to alexa as I get a response saying it doesn't know what to do with it

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