Alternative approaches to REMOTE2

I (others too i expect) are looking for a long term alternative to Alexa working with Remote2 which currently forms the core of my entire Home Automation.

This solution provides a way of controling routing within NodeRed by monitoring Alexa events. It can do this using the words uttered AND the source (echo) of the event.

However Remote2 is no longer maintained and only works at the behest of Amazon and their Alexa Api. I would really like to get rid of Alexa and gain total control over voice automation.

I currently have 12 echos so a reasonable cost satelite approach is required.

I am following the advances being made by Mike Hansen in Home Assistant and someone suggested Whisper.

Has anyone been able to get a reliable cost effective TOTAL voice control multi-satelite system up and running ?


can anyone suggest any other projects I should be following

If you want local open source the this may interest you Get Started - Mycroft

Just had a quick look, but it seems to still require an account to be setup so not really local as such?

Also not sure about reasonable cost :scream: - Mark II $399.00

But I will do a bit more reading up on it.

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