Amazon Echo/Alexa

I've recently started sorting out my home automation again since moving house. I've got a zwave network which uses zwavejs2mqtt. Also a new echo show 8.

Previously I used node-red-contrib-alexa-local, unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with either the new dockerised version of node-red I'm running, or the echo show 8.

I thought I'd revert to the previous solution, which was a Belkin wemo emulator, but it now seems that belkin have put requirements in place which prevent the echo being able to connect without a wemo app+wemo skill and this won't allow pairing of emulated devices.

The upshot is that I'm looking for a node that can be used for home automation with my Echo Show 8 gen1. I'd like the following features and would appreciate any suggestions:

Must work with Docker containerised installs of Node Red
Must work with all versions of the echo
Must have configurable IP ports, especially if it tries to sit on port 80 or similar
I'd really like it not to use an externally hosted service if at all possible
I'd really like it to not need another account on another internet hosted service
I don't mind if it is an emulation as long as I can trigger a flow

Would you like some unicorns with that? :slight_smile:

Check out this Forum topic Pure fun with Alexa and Alexa Skills and No more incoming events from alexa-remote2-applestrudel

Not sure you will get much help with a lot of your wish list as only the brave use docker.

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