[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.16.0, 1, 2, 3, 4

No what makes you think it is?

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Hi Bart,

I went on the page, looked at the height of the scroll handle, closed the page. :smiley:
Too long...

But I could pick that bootstrap was dropped (?!?) and jQuery-UI was adopted , two choices that I would have never expected.... :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That concerns me a bit that my whole dashboard would have to be re-built if I was to move to N-R v1.x, :expressionless:

I am not sure about the compatibilty of plugins with the move to N-R 1.x ?

Which plugins are broken ? The dashboard doesn’t use bootstrap afaik so being removed from core should not be a problem.

None are broken, I meant that I don't know if plugins are supposed to work as-is for v1.x ?

Ok for the dashboard, I didn't know this either. I thought it was. So is the new version still running on the old Material Design and Angular ?

Yes nothing fundamental has changed as regards node-red-dashboard.

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What documentation would you recommend for MD and Angular ?

https://material.angular.io/ shows the following versions :

or is it that super old one based on Angular 1.x

Also I'm confused of the differences between those three choices :
I've picked up the last one, but flipped a coin pretty much...

Note that I have experience with coding in Angular. But I'm just not sure of the simpliest of these three approaches...

Also I'm using mostly -only- the ui-template node (cos web developer, you know :stuck_out_tongue: )

We use angular material library and angular 1.
Those 3 options are for where the dashboard defined theme applies. Either everywhere or nowhere (angular theme everywhere) or everywhere except inside template (angular theme inside template). As it is easier to override the angular one if you need to inside a template

Thanks ! As soon as I restart NR, the theme is reset from 'dark' to 'light', is it normal ?

Node-RED Dashboard 2.16.3


  • If template has height -1 then set it to 0 height (test for custom templates).
  • Add wrap value feature to numeric node.


  • Ensure widgets handle undefined msg parts for labels etc.
  • Fix scrollbar theming inside template.
  • Ensure msg.topic really doesn't exist if not specified, for all ui nodes. Was PR #531
  • Backlevel less package to fix IE11 loading, Issue #530