Append to Evernote from Node Red

I've been able to append to a note in Evernote from Node Red via an IFTTT Webhook->Evernote applet but yesterday the IFTTT Maker Webhook service went down for a period of time so now I'm looking for something more robust, maybe going directing to Evernote from Node Red. Has anyone else done it?

There is this npm package, and an Evernote API but unfortunately it looks to be above my skill level.

Step 1 is searching the flows library to see if there are nodes for it. There’s not any listed. It does show a flow to do it through IFTTT but I don’t think it will help you much.
Since there’s nothing concretely posted on the flows library you could try a forum search next.

Yes, I saw that but that printer toner flow also uses the IFTTT Maker webhook applet which is what I'm currently doing except when their service goes down. :frowning: