Are there any BroadLink RM nodes that work in 2023

I was just reading this today (15th Dec 2023)
Although the blurb is about home assistant for quite a while skip past it and there is a section on Node Red.
So I did what it said expecting it to work. When I used a ‘discovery’ node it said I had an RM2 Pro, which I remembered as a 3, but maybe my memory is bad. I can learn codes (IR, not tried RF) fine using the instructions but cannot send. Then I watched an instruction video on YouTube. Still can’t send and they basically did the same thing in a slightly different way.

Then I looked at the age of the nodes’ last update and wonder if maybe it is just an out of date palette. The name I got from a current website, which made me wonder is there a BroadLink palette for Node Red that is known to work with the current Node Red?

I’m running NR in a docker here. Maybe there is some connection problem, but then the discovery node can find them and I can transmit.

Incidentally the debug node after the RM node is happy. It confirms “send” and gives a status of “OK”. I tried sending the node the MAC address and IP address in case the RM node configuration was forgetting them but it made no difference.

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