Atorch UD18 USB tester protocol and integration with node-red

This low price device (13.88 €) is more than just a digital USB tester (see ATORCH UD18: or ).

To use the UD18 in node-red custom integrate projects we need:

  • the communication protocol used by the device (see UD18_protocool.txt)
  • node-red nodes to code+send commands and receive+decode data (see UD18flow.json).

For the full story see UD18_01_en.pdf

My last project.
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Thanks @msillano

May I ask you which computers you have tested this with?

The reason I ask is that I only use macOS on the desktop and I have "hit or miss" luck working with USB serial drivers on the mac.

Any chance you have tested this on the mac (already) running "bare mac" and not in a windows vm?

If so, I will buy one when our friends in China start (robustly) shipping again.

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hi unixneo
I developed and tested this on my WIN10 development PC.
I don't know how Bluetooth is converted to virtual serial ports on macOS, and how the ports are protected.
Try to investigate using some working Bluetooth application with virtual serial ports: I did so using the original WIN software for UD18.
Maybe you can found some ideas looking at Linux implementations ( ).
Sorry, I don't have a solution. :slightly_frowning_face:

Best regards

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No worries. Thanks for sharing. I am a big fan of AliExpress electronics.

Actually, things on linux related to BLE and also the USB serial don't always translate to the mac so easily because of how Apple controls things; and you answered my question enough, thanks. So, I'll pass for now and I have too much "looks great on AliExpress gear" which does not easily work with my mac.

Last year I think I placed nearly 300 orders with AliExpress (with great joy and good luck), and so I was tempted to buy the device you are recommending for my lab; but I'll hold off (anyway, shipping out of China is still very delayed, for the most part..)

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