Beginner has problems with installation

Hi I am Giorgio454
My System

I was trying to install node-red on my pi also in IoBrocker too. After the installation I should open my Browser type in the Ip from my Raspberry+ the :1880 port-number. But what i could see was only a white screen and on top left side the Nod-red logo. Please can I get some help from you guys.

Welcome to the forums @Giorgio454
I have removed the function-node tag - as its not a question about the Function Node.

Unless I'm mis-reading - but I'll assume you have installed a Plug-in that offers Node RED functionality in IO.Broker.

As with most 3rd party implementations, the behaviour of Node RED is heavily modified - to the point, support is better found amongst the community that governs these implementations - that's not to say we could look at the basics.

open up the Your Browsers debug panel, and pay attention to the consoles output - anything in there, that may offer some clues - Please paste the output?

If not using ioBroker, then use this method to install on a pi.

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