Node-red container installation - iobroker node missing



I've registered to your forum to find some help for my installation:

Main problem: the iobroker node is missing in my new, container-based installation.

Further information:

  • I used iobroker on my rPi and installed node red as adapter in iobroker. For some reason the pi's memory is to short and causes restarts 2-3 times a day.
  • Since my QNAP Nas supports container installation I wanted to move installation to NAS.
  • I was able to install iobroker in a container, but when trying to install the node-red adapter, the instance is just causing loading page error.
  • Next I was trying to install node-red on its on using another container. Node-red works fine and I can set the Port into iobrokers adapter and thereby open node-red from iobroker. But: the nodes iobroker in, iobroker out and iobroker get is missing. (Which would be most important for my current plans)
    You might see the nodes in this screenshot of my RaspberryPi installation.
  • Network for both adapter is set to NAT, if this is relevant.
  • Installed version for container were latest each. Node red is 0.19.6.

Since it is just a test installation I am totally flexible for alll kind of reinstallations just to get things running on my NAS.




Did you restart the container ?



Yes, I did several times. The standalone container installation is running and if I put the port into the iobroker adapter, I can open node red in browser tab. This node red still lacks the iobroker nodes - see screenshot. Its exactly the difference between those 53 nodes und 50 here...