Missing (deprecated) iobroker nodes

I have just installed Node Red on iobroker. The install there includes iobroker nodes. I wanted to run Node Red on Windows now, so installed it - but no iobroker nodes. Looking at the forum, there are others with teh same issue. It seems as these nodes were abandoned and have probably been taken out of the installation package.
Is there a way to somehow copy them from the iobroker node red installation (also on Win 11) over to the Win 11 Node Red to be able to still use them ?

If they still exist on npmjs.org or GitHub and you can work out where your Node-RED userDir folder is (usually ~/.node-red but likely buried somewhere in ioBroker's folders). Then you could try to install manually. However, if they have been removed from the installation, there may well be a good reason for that so they still might not work and might even disrupt other nodes or ioBroker itself. Still, all nodes come as npm modules and so they are easy enough to remove again.

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