Blockly help required

I am using blockly for the first time and struggling..i wish to create a statement of.. if msg.stoptimer =" stop" then .......but cannot work out which blockly process to go through.
any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance

I'm away from computer but I would create a variable called stopTimer

Then use the get block to get msg stoptimer and set your variable to its value

Then you can use the if block to test if it equals stop

hi @cymplecy ,
Thanks for replying yet again to a newbie,
If at any point you have time could you send me the blockly blocks i need to do this.


*** realised how to do it now! sorry to be a nuisance :slight_smile:

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Your not a nuisance at all :slight_smile:

I'm a low code/block programming evangelist so always glad to help.

Glad you've managed to get going with it :slight_smile:

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hi @cymplecy is it possible to use an array in blockly and if so which block ? ..the array i want to use is.... [45,ltemp,50,90,htemp] where ltemp references msg,ltemp and htemp references msg.htemp



Basically use list blocks

I'm on way to airport but got 6 hours to kill so will power up laptop while I'm there. Might be an hour's time once I've got thru security though

Thru security but I've only got my daughter's Mac and I can't see how to install NodeRED on it so can't help out today I'm afraid :frowning:

Thanks anyway will look at list block ..enjoy your trip :grinning:

Simon, just open a terminal window and run:
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

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Thanks for info
Just in gate seats so not got a comfortable desk to use now :frowning:

What we need is some sort of cloudy NodeRED........ :slight_smile:

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Ok, I've placed my laptop on top of my suitcase but the big question is how do I get a terminal window ?

Look in applications/utilities

And dear Henry, where is that :slight_smile:
I'm a Windows user :slight_smile:

Click on an empty area of the screen. At top left of screen you should see the apple and next to it Finder and then File. Click on File and open a New Finder Window. Look at the left sidebar for Applications' and inside that folder for 'Utilities. In there you should fond an icon for Terminal. Click on it,

Thank you :slight_smile: I'm in :slight_smile:

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I'll keep checking in but I've got a grouchy 3 year old granddaughter with me (sigh, this is suppose to be a free day)

I don't have npm installed.
I'm giving this up at this point.
I'll be back home before I get it set up :slight_smile:

Just in case you want to try, check here

You will find the directions for installing npm on the Mac there.

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OK - I'm awake after a good nights sleep and back at my home computer :slight_smile:
Have you sorted yourself out or still looking for assistance?

This is how I would create your array

superb as always!

Thank you