Bug: confirm dialog not showing apply button in node red 0.20.7

Dear node red users,

I am a new node red user, so I apologise if this topic was already on offer.
I am trying to make a connection with node red to mindsphere. I use the mindconnect lib. However, when I try to configure the mindsphere asset with agent configuration in node red, the 'confirm' button does not work. Someone who can help me ? I use the Simatec IoT2040 (via Putty ) to connect to the PLC and to run Node Red (v8.16.0) on.


Greetings and thank you in advance

This is fixed in 3.9.2 version of the node. Please upgrade the node to 3.9.2 to resolve your issue.

The bug was there because of the old version of the node-RED 0.20.7 which is still preinstalled on the Simatic IOT 2040 devices. This uses 1.5 year old jQuery which can't handle asynchronous click handlers :weary: . I talked to the Simatic IoT team and they are working on the new image for the device which will have updated node-RED

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