Build Nodered codebase into a container

Hi guys, our team has a nodered GIT repo and i'm trying to dockerize it to push between environments but im just not able to make progress. When i followed the steps on the Nodered documentation(Running under Docker : Node-RED) i end up with a blank flow. I really need help with this. can someone please guide me or share a dockerfile and process that you folow.

You need to add a lot more detail about what you did before we can help. Just saying you followed the documentation doesn't help.

Hi Hardillb. what are the details required? I can provide any details that are requested

@server-master this blog post describes how you can create a container from a Node-RED project. In that instance it's a container for the Balena service, but you can ignore that part.

Things like the exact steps you did (not just what's in the instructions), include the filenames of the parts you are trying to include, the Dockerfile you built, what you've done to debug this so far, the log output from starting the container.

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