Can I transfer data from PLC Omron to Node Red using Host Link Protocol?

hi everyone. Im new here. I have a question, can I transfer data from PLC Omron to node red using host link protocol?

Hi Anne & welcome to the forum.

I assume you mean serial? There is not a node-red node for serial host link protocol as far as i know.

There is a FINS ethernet node.

What model of OMRON PLC are you talking about?

yes,u're right. serial communication. Plc model: SYSMAC CJ1M, CPU12.

Im not clear how to transfer data from plc omron to node red huhu

You will need to use Ethernet.

Does the PLC have an EIP21 or ETN21 Ethernet card fitted to the PLC?

yes, it have etn.

Then you can achieve comms to OMRON PLC using node-red-contrib-omron-fins to communicate using FINS over Ethernet to the ETN module.


my bad, I just realized that my plc dont have etn port.

ETN21 is an add on Ethernet card. If you don't have one, you can purchase one online & add it.

Apart from that, your options are limited to coding your own serial protocol, adding modbus code to the ladder & using modbus nodes or writing host protocol node.

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