Can't see my underline char

Quite happy for you to play around and see your efforts but will wait for any official change as this is hard-core stuff and needs core devs to decide if its VFM to do anything about them (either the underline one or the dialog not resizing OK)

Could you post pic of what it looks like after your mods?

The code in the screenshot might look familiar from another thread. Things look a bit different as I'm using my yet-to-be-published theme node-red-contrib-themes/solarized-dark-grey but it only modifies the colors, not fonts for example.





The problem seems to be related to the "DejaVu Sans Mono" font..
If I remove each font 1 by one, its only when i remove "DejaVu Sans Mono" that it falls back to "Courier" that is looks correct...


Nice finding! It just happens to be exactly the font I like to use. :roll_eyes:

It's actually quite obvious if you look at my second screenshot. The underscore is lower down relative to other characters when compared to Courier.

I presume that must have been added in sometime in the past to overcome some other issue to do with how things look on some other platform

Sounds like that’s it I’ve always had this issue with that font! Is there another widely available monospace font that can be used instead?
DejaVu Sans Mono is present by default on most linux based distros.

oh yeah - well spotted.
we have options - but I think ideally @knolleary & @dceejay might like to look at the options and make a fix in core css?

(sorry Nick and Dave for @ing you guys - this might be something of interest to put this one to bed - in core)?

To summarise - the underscore character is not visible in linux based chromium (ok in firefox in linux and chrome on windows)...

  • removing (or replacing) "DejaVu Sans Mono" in colors.scss
  • adding line-height: 1 for editor specific elements

would seem to eradicate this.

If you would prefer we could raise an issue or a PR - please let us know.

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Worth noting that the CSS issue is very likely with ACE and not Node-RED.

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agreed - this is evident when you look at built in help for any node (help html in the sidebar uses same fonts for monospaced code sections but doesnt have this issue) so thats why i said "for editor specific elements"

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If you have a fix to propose you can raise a PR

OK Nick, would that be on dev branch or new branch of dev or something else?

What fix would it be? I don't like the idea of replacing DejaVu Sans with Courier.

I would say yours is the better option TBH.

Ideally, there would be something more fancy like if chromium+linux = true, set line-height: 1 but I dont know if/how to do that.

Any thoughts?

PS, feel free to raise the PR as it was your finding that probably suits this best (once Nick lets us know how he wants it presented)

At least on Chrome it didn't change the appearance at all besides fixing the issue. If I set a bigger value the lines got cropped instead of getting taller. But yes, I can raise the PR for discussion a bit later today.

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As a fix, it can target master.



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