Can't see NR and dashboard on another device within the same LAN (NodeJS for WIndows)

Hi, I can locally from the same machine with browser, works with local IP and with, but if I try with Phone or tablet I got an error, probably a timeout. I can't see connection establilished on port 1880 (opened), of course I can't open /ui too for dashboard.
I've added on windows firewall the exception for port 1880 and for the process nodejs.exe, I've also disablet it with no results. Maybe NR don't comunicate with other IPs instead of local one?
Thank you

can you ping the pc with node-red running ?

From another PC you have to enter IP address of system where node red is running something like (Depend upon ethernet or wifi connection)
You can find your PC address by running command(in windows)

arp -a is localhost address and display only local port.

Thank you dear for all your kind answers,
yes I perfectly know what you mean, I'm working with IP protocol si I know it well, all is ok, simply NR doesn't want to serve other IP inside the LAN, maybe there is needed to add a parameter in the configuration?
Firewall is ok, I've tested with 2 android devices, now I test with my second laptop, really strange.
There is any limitation for Nodejs under Windows environment?

All is ok, horrible to say, this WiFi router TP-Link after some time block the connection between peers under the same LAN, only gateway becomes reachable. I've rebooted it and all is ok,
hard to find out, thank you

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