Can't use dashboard after update node-red-dashboard

So I try to use node-red-contrib-ui-joystick but I got this problem

Try to fix the problem but couldn't get it to work so I try looking and found out that my node-red-dashboard isn't up to date. I update it and then madness appear
-First the cmd gave me this

-Second my dashboard ui just gone
-I Look into the palette and saw this mess

after digging for a while I still couldn't fix anything, please help

You have installed dashboard-evi which clashes with node-red-dashboard.

Remove one of them.

Ps, dashboard-evi and ui-joystick are possibly incompatible (it was written for node-red-dashboard)

OK it work thank you so much, not sure how I install and update it while it said conflict but still thanks. you save me from so much headache

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