Install Dashboard, UI now "undefined"

I have been coding and using Node Red for 2 years (still a novice). I had a useful contrib-ui screen working but wanted to implement LED's to indicate status changes (red /lime). So I installed Dashbaord and now no matter what I seem to do, trying to call up Localhost:1880/ui always results in a blank tab labelled "undefined". Any suggestions? At this point I'd like to remove Dashboard and get my old UI screen working again.

Yes - they will conflict - so you need to uninstall one or the other.
In theory node-red-dashboard should be a superset of the old ui-dashboard - so removing the old one should be ok.

 cd ~/.node-red
npm uninstall node-red-contrib-ui

then stop and restart Node-RED

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Much appreciation for your (quick) response. That suggestion worked perfectly.
Now ... gotta go learn how to properly use Dashboard (lol).