Change Email Sender Name


I don’t know if anyone is aware but all emails from this Discourse forum are sent out from ‘Julian Knight’. You might want to change that to a more generic name as it looks as if Julian is responding to every post.



Are you sure it’s all email? As far as I can see, each email has the sender name set to the person who posted it. It just happens that Julian has posted a few in a row this morning.



Ah, what’s confusing is that the emails come out under the person’s real name but the content is attributed to the username. So I was getting emails from Julian saying that TotallyInformation had responded to a post, with nothing to connect the two.



Yes is a bit confusing



Haha! Sorry that I’ve been the source of confusion (as so often the case I fear). :smile:

Unfortunately, when I started with GitHub, I used my personal trading name “Totally Information” rather than my real name. As the flows site and all of the contrib modules use GitHub, that has often been my ID in the Node-RED world. There are also rather a lot of "Julian Knight"s on the Internet, many far more famous than me and some far more infamous. So the TI handle is quite useful.

Julian Knight, knightnet and Totally Information (or TotallyInfo) are all the same thing - me.