Citing Node-RED in a scientific publication


I'm wondering if there is a standard format for citing Node-RED in a scientific publication. I would like to cite Node-RED in my PhD dissertation.

I think it should be interesting to provide this information in the Node-RED webpage. Maybe in the About section.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @FiloCara

what information in particular do you need to cite the project?

Hi @knolleary,

I was thinking about something like that -> Tensorflow
Actually, they propose to cite their whitepaper in order to give credit to the software.

Basically, I would like to give credit to the Node-RED and to provide the reader some basic information about the project. The bibliography reference should contain at least the following information:

  • The project name
  • The URL to the webpage
  • The authors name

I have found different scientific publications citing Node-RED, but all of them use a different formats. In some references there is only the URL link to the project webpage, other times you find also the project name...


The NetLogo agent-based simulation project uses just a link to their website: NetLogo 6.2.0 User Manual: Copyright and License.

@FiloCara Having dug around to see what other projects do, there isn't any real consistency - and there are lots of different suggested ways of citing software.

To try to help matters, I have added a section to the website that hopefully provides the information you need to create a proper citation in whatever format your particular case needs.

Thank you @knolleary.

For anyone using LaTeX, I have used the following ".bib" entry:

    title = {Node-RED},
    author = {OpenJS Foundation, Contributors},
    url   = {}

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