Communication Raspberry IP with FX5U (Mitsubishi)

I want to programm Raspberry Pi with Mitshubishi HMI GOT 2000 please i need help

A Mitshubishi HMI GOT 2000 is a touch screen HMI - it cannot "program a Raspberry Pi"

What Are you trying to do?

hi thank you for your answer. I want to get data from PLC into raspberry pi. It's like MQTT. i don't have any idea that's my problem

Can you elaborate the question providing us the necessary details of the make and model of the plc and hope so we can give you a solution.

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Hi thank you for your answer. i have to make MQTT Communication Between Mitsubishi PLC (FX5U) and Raspberry Pi.

Use a KEP server connected to your application - details can be found here . Configure MQTT properties and use nodered MQTT node to receive the data.

Solution 2:
Use a rs485 to TTL converter and connect PLC to raspberry pi via serial USB. Use this link to get data via node red. Use appropriate parser to parser the modbus data.

Here is a working example...

thank you very much for your answer

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